Kyoto Tango Miyazu

Ryotei Fumiya floating above the Ootegawa riverside from the good old days.

Enjoy the abundant four seasonal atomospheres and the flavors.


Torigai from Miyazu

King of summer delicacy

Taste only a short period of time


Taste of the season

Remain fresh and fresh fish


Hospitality full-hearted

the delicacies of the seasons

Fresh seafood mountain vegetables

Different from the usual meal

It gives us joy on the one

We will be using the best seasonal ingredients.

We prepared the “Kaiseki course and other courses such as Crab, “Buri” (yellowtail), “Torigai” (shellfish), “Hamo” (eel), and hotpot course.

You can enjoy a traditional Japanese cuisine with best ingredients.



Miyazu Nature


The treasure house where Miyazu is natural

It's in a sea in a mountain.

The scenery you desire is in here.

Interesting place in Miyazu

Scenic trio of Japan "Amanohashidate" are going to be learned about in Miyazu.

The ingredients into which this naturalness grew at an abundant place?

An impression is evoked for you.